Gemma Gilbert

Hi,I’m Gemma

Mum, Business Coach and Kick-Ass Entrepreneur


You’re a smart, driven, kick-ass mum and entrepreneur. 

You want to do work that matters. You also want to spend quality time with your family. Somewhere down the line you learnt that the 9-5 rat race doesn’t allow you to do that - not without huge sacrifices.

At some point, you’ve come to the same conclusion as me: running your own business is the answer. 

You know how you want your life to be:

  • A thriving business that satisfies your ambition, allows you to grow and be more than ‘mum'

  • Exceeding your financial goals so you can have the family lifestyle you really want 

  • Clear boundaries between business and family, because you want more balance, not less

One thing isn’t clear: how to get there.

That’s where I come in.

I help mums who want to leave their 9-5 and start a service-based business and mums who have made the leap but now need to grow their business. I help you see the exact steps you need to take to make your vision a reality.

You can build a business that supports your life and your family. I can help. Let’s do it together.

Hi, I’m Gemma!

Devoted mum, Business Coach and Kick-Ass Entrepreneur. 

In a world where too often mums have to choose between a successful career and time with their children, I provide straight-talking business coaching, specifically for busy mums like you, who want to create a business they love that makes more money, whilst having the flexibility, balance and family lifestyle they really want.

I believe you can have a successful business without sacrificing time with your family, and I’m fiercely committed to showing you how.

The reality is when most mums start out, they struggle to make the income they need. They get totally overwhelmed with the amount of free information and spend their time trying tactic after tactic, but seeing little return. Their business seeps into family time and they end up feeling stressed and burnt out.

I want to change that.

The truth is you can create a successful business without all the busy work which so many people chase their tails doing. And as a mum and a business owner, you don’t have time to be doing the busy work. 

You need a tried and tested system which walks you through:

  • Figuring out what you do best and plotting your escape from your 9-5

  • Finding clients who want to work with you and designing a system so clients come to you

  • Showing your value (selling!) without feeling uncomfortable 

  • Marketing your business to position you as the go to person in your field

  • Doing it all in less time, so you can create clear boundaries between business and family

Sales, marketing and strategy are my jam. Together, we’ll dream big and then make that vision a reality.

How I got here

My story goes a bit like yours, and that’s why I know I can help you. 

It was becoming a mother that led me to start my own business. My ambitious side had sort of been blindly following the status quo for the past 10 years, always looking for the next promotion. I’d moved from a teaching career, into a customer strategy role managing a large team in sales and marketing.

Then I had my son and my world changed.

On the face of it, I felt lucky - I was well paid, the benefits were great and I'd had a flexible working agreement approved to work full time over 4 days, giving me a day off with my son, Charlie.

But I wasn't happy.

I dropped my son off at 7:30am and picked him up at 6pm every night. He was exhausted after a long day at nursery, I was exhausted after an 11 hour day and I felt like I was missing out.

Suddenly I was seeing roles that were perfect for me given to other people, because I just couldn’t make the commitment they needed. But something had changed in me as well, I didn’t want to make that commitment. 

For a while, this left me feeling powerless. How could I climb this ladder that I’d always been taught to climb, without sacrificing time with my son?

I felt like I had two options in front of me and both were terrifying:

  1. A successful career working long hours to climb the ladder and miss out on time with my son

  2. Spend time with my son and sacrifice my career

Neither of those options fulfilled both my ambitious nature, and the intense motherly pull to spend time with my son.

I knew there was a third option:

3. Start my own business.

But it just seemed so out of reach. I’d been working in education for the past 10 years, and didn’t want to stay in this field. This meant starting over. Where do you even begin?

One step at a time

I sat in inaction for a long time. Too long because I just didn’t know what the first step was to take. 

Finally I landed on coaching - it’s something I’d done informally in my role for many years, and it complimented my skills as a teacher and manager. I began my coaching qualification whilst working full-time and worked every spare minute of every day around my family to become the coach I knew I wanted to be.

6 months into my coaching certification, I realised I was no closer to setting up my business or leaving my 9-5. I’d spent months absorbing every free tool and guide I could get my hands on and just felt totally overwhelmed.

There are so many new things to learn. So many mistakes to make. So many tech headaches which take up so much time. My biggest WTF moment was realising that I didn’t have to do it on my own.

I’d been following a whole host of business coaches for a long time, as this is the area of coaching I wanted to go into myself. I knew exactly who I wanted to help me. I signed up for a free strategy session and on the call, signed up for a 6 month coaching partnership.

It was, without a doubt, the best investment I have made in my business to date.

Investing in my business and myself catapulted me forward. I’d made a commitment, and a financial one. It was the difference between deciding to stay paralysed by overwhelm and deciding to actually do this thing: to take action now.

And what action did I take?

Within one month of working with my business coach, I started my business from scratch and got my first paid client. Within 3 months, I’d left my 9-5 and knew the exact steps I needed to take to grow.

This experience has made me so passionate about helping others on this same path. And guess who I like helping? Mums who are in the same position I was. 

Now I’m out the other side and I have the life I dreamed of. I work from home, decide my own schedule and get to choose what time I drop off and pickup my son from nursery. I know I can scale my business, earn more money than I ever thought possible, and help a whole bunch of other mums do exactly the same thing.

I love getting up every day and helping my clients grow their business to support the lives they want for themselves.

My Mission

I am fiercely committed to helping mums realise they can have a successful business without sacrificing time with their family.

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