How To Sell Services Of £500+ With Confidence And Ease


Do you avoid sales and wish you could just do the work you love without the uncomfortable sales conversations?

Do you hate the idea of coming across as sales-y and pushy, having to convince someone to buy your services?

Do you avoid the ‘money conversation’ and skip over it quickly, sometimes discounting your worth?

Do you dream about the amount of money you want to charge, but have no idea how to actually position your offer?

Or maybe you already offer high-end services, but often hear ‘I can’t afford it’ and aren’t sure how to handle this concern.

If this sounds like you, then this workshop is for you!

How to sell your services with confidence and ease

It was encouraging to realise how many people struggle with sales and that we all face the same obstacles. You taught us how to approach them with confidence and humour
— Sally Varley


Sales does not come naturally to most, especially when you are your brand.

Conveying your value in a sales conversation and confidently chatting about your pricing is HARD!

But without the ability to sell, you don’t have a business. You just have a really expensive hobby.

Most business owners wing every sales conversation and wonder why no one is buying from them!

I have been exactly where you are. When I started my business I had over 15 sales calls, and only closed 1 client.


Because every time someone raised a concern or objection, I didn’t have a good response. Instead, I got all up in my head - I didn’t want to ‘force’ them to buy my services.

The problem is, when most people think of selling, we picture a dodgy second-hand car salesman who pulls out every trick in the book - offering you 50% off to buy NOW and making wild claims.

This is not authentic sales - this is coercion.

Sell from a place of integrity

When I learnt to sell and objection handle from a place of integrity, selling my services became easy.

In this workshop, we will redefine your perspective of what selling actually is. You’ll learn how to sell high-end services of £500+ with confidence and ease, in a way that feels good and makes it easy for people to say yes to.

Your ability to sell your services is essential if you want consistent clients and a consistent income, so you can have the lifestyle you really want (without constantly checking your bank balance).

You need to walk into every sales conversation confident that you have a process you can use time and time again, which puts you in the best position to convert potential clients into paying clients.

That’s what we’ll be working on in this 2 hour online workshop.

This was such a worthwhile investment of my time (and money) and I’m leaving with practical, actionable solutions to my problems
— Sam Kirk

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • A new ‘anti-sales’ mindset, which will allow you to go into every sales conversation with a completely different intention and goal than ’selling your services’.

  • A framework for selling that you can use time and time again to sell services of £500+

  • Insight into where you might be self-sabotaging in your sales conversations and what to do instead

  • The mindset you need to own your value and feel confident and comfortable selling your service

  • Responses to the most common objections and how to handle them with ease so they become a ‘hell yes!’

This online workshop is only £25 and I'll teach you how to sell services of £500+. That's a pretty awesome return on investment!

Date and time:

This workshop has now ended. The recording will be available to purchase for the next 3 months. Just click ‘Register Here’ below, fill in your details and the recording will land instantly in the inbox.

I feel ready to get out and sell!
— Kari Olsen-Porthouse